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Website Privacy and Security Statement
Dated: July 1, 2003

Hull McGuire PC ("HMPC") has adopted this Privacy and Security Statement ("Statement") applicable to our web site,, and any and all other sites on the world wide web operated by HMPC.

  HMPC does not currently collect personal identifying information (the "Information") through our web site except for the following types of information.

  1. Your internet service provider automatically provides to our web server, such as its web site address and possibly your e-mail address,

  2. You send to us in an e-mail message,

  3. You send to us when you sign up for new publications, events or the like, and

  4. You submit to us in a CGI form (for example, when you submit a search request on our web page).

  E-mail sent to us is probably secure but may not be secure.  If you choose to send us an e-mail message (including submission of your resume), we may retain the content of the e-mail, your e-mail address and our response; these materials become the property of HMPC.

  For your convenience, HMPC sometimes in its web sites, provides links to other web sites.  Please be aware that this Statement applies only to web sites operated by HMPC and not any other site.  We recommend you review the privacy and security policies of each web site you visit before providing any personal information.

  HMPC will use information for our own proper purposes, but we will not sell, rent or exchange Information to or with third parties.

  We reserve the right to modify this Statement at any time.  Your continuing to access any of our web sites constitutes your acceptance of any modification to this Statement in effect at the time of your access.  No modification or attempted modification of this Statement by you shall be binding on HMPC.

  We encourage you to review this Statement periodically for updates that will be posted on our web site.  You can send e-mail to us with any further questions at


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