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2009-2010 - DC and Maryland - Well inside of the client's budget, and in advance of the six-month deadline, Hull McGuire developed and implemented key and time-sensitive self-audit and compliance programs for an award winning U.S. military contracting company and several of its specialty subcontractors.

2008-2009 - Pennsylvania - On behalf of a public figure, Hull McGuire obtained specific performance under a disputed contract , and secured protection of unique and valuable IP rights--both without litigation.

2008 - United Kingdom and New York - In defending UK-based distributor in injunctive relief actions, shut down the entire proceeding via a remote telephone conference with all parties and the federal judge.

2007 - Pennsylvania and Connecticut - Through a unique federal declaratory judgment action against major insurers, Hull McGuire engineered a highly favorable settlement for a national automotive company for pennies on the dollar.

2006 - California and Mexico - For a Fortune 500 packaging company, and without litigation, recovered several hundred thousand dollars from a Mexican debtor in a matter of weeks.

2005 - Pennsylvania - On behalf of a rising political figure, and again without litigation, we blocked the airing of a potentially defamatory news feature on a major television network.  

2005 - Georgia and Kentucky - During ongoing construction of a $100+ million plant, obtained an arbitration award in excess of US $40 million for a European company.

2005 - Indiana - For our Fortune 100 manufacturing client, we successfully reduced a significant Indiana state tax assessment by over 80% without trial by convincing the Indiana Department of Revenue at the hearing level that the income at issue was not constitutionally subject to tax. 

2001-2002 - United Kingdom and California - Defending a British utility and subsidiaries sued for trademark infringement and fraud in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, London, Hull McGuire took trial testimony (by deposition under Hague Convention rules) of the claimant's American CPA.  This cross examination lead to a settlement whereby our clients prevailed and were paid attorneys' fees under England's "loser pays" scheme.

2000 - Utah - On behalf of a District of Columbia-based railroad construction company, we prosecuted a breach of contract and fraud case against Arkansas and Louisiana railroad tie suppliers in federal court in Salt Lake City, and achieved a highly favorable settlement resulting in savings of litigation fees, a lump sum payment and installment payments to our client over a 5 year period. 

1998 - Washington, D.C. - Defending West Virginia coal companies sued by the United Mine Workers of America for millions in withdrawal liability funds, we devised a result and settlement whereby the companies and owners would pay de minimis amounts to UMWA over a long period of time.  Forums: U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court.  

1996 - Pennsylvania - On behalf of a large Tennessee-based transportation company, Hull McGuire won a jury verdict in Pennsylvania state court for money damages plus $150,000 in punitive damages against companies that buried 55-gallon drums of chemicals and other illegal waste on our clients' unimproved riverfront property. After trial, on a writ of mandamus to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, we overturned an erroneous post-trial order of the trial court resulting in an often-cited interpretation of Pa.R.Civ.P. 227.4.

1995 - Washington, D.C. - Defending a California congressman's chief aide indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for fraud and violation of FECA and the federal Hatch Act, we engineered the best feasible sentencing, involving no jail time, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

1993 - Pennsylvania - On behalf of Texas-based energy companies, Hull McGuire, in a federal court in Pittsburgh, prosecuted a breach of contract, fraud and RICO lawsuit against a consortium of Pittsburgh-area oil and gas producers, resulting in a multi-million dollar cash settlement and acquisition and takeover by investors of 300-plus gas wells in western and central Pennsylvania.

Hull McGuire At A Glance

Hull McGuire PC is a global law firm built on the idea of delivering - domestically and abroad - superior and attentive legal advice to corporations.  It serves as counselors, business planners, and trial counsel to publicly-traded, privately held and high technology companies headquartered in Europe and the US.  Practice areas include (1) U.S. and international corporate tax; (2) corporate transactions (including securities); (3) complex litigation (federal courts only and international ADR); (4) IP; (5) employment practices; (6) environmental, energy, and natural resources; (7) international law; (8) white collar defense/SOX, SEC, EPA criminal and civil compliance and investigation; and (9)  legislative affairs.

Genuinely client-oriented and business-savvy, Hull McGuire's attorneys and employees reject the notion that clients are mere equipment in an obscure game played by lawyers.  The firm's commitment to service has made the vast majority of its clients repeating and long-standing.  For each client a comprehensive planning and problem solving approach is devised and followed.  The firm is committed to smart uses of technology and software to maximize its efficiency and responsiveness in meeting client needs.

The firm has offices in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and San Diego.  Lawyers are accessible to clients on a 24 hour basis and are willing to travel to quickly address and help solve client problems.


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