Hull McGuire offers attorneys the opportunity to work on complex business related legal matters in the setting of a smaller yet dynamic and growth-oriented firm.  We are looking for bright, self-starting, business-oriented law students and attorneys with excellent credentials:

-  Ambition, energy, maturity, and organizational skills

-  Upper 10-15% of law school class only

-  Law review editorship or other significant law journal experience

-  Undergraduate or graduate degree in business, accounting or engineering

-  First rate research skills and ability to write

-  Realistic view of demands of law practice: work-life balance is the employee's responsibility -- not the employer's.

-  Broad and multi-cultural outlook on the world and interest in international business.

We are also interested in candidates who otherwise qualify in the above areas with a demonstrated interest or expertise in tax law.

We add at most one law clerk and one associate each year.  We seek people who are passionate about the study and practice of law and the prospect of serving clients in creative and proactive ways.

  Send short letter and resume to:

    Hull McGuire PC
    U.S. Steel Tower
    600 Grant Street, 32nd Floor
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15219  USA



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