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International Directory of Corporate Symbols and Terms Available

San Diego/Washington, D.C./Pittsburgh, 8/1/2003  -  Members of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) have published the first edition of The International Directory of Corporate Symbols and Terms (“Directory”).  The Directory translates into English, defines and explains corporate symbols and selected business terminology used in 28 countries.  Examples are: “GmbH,” “S.A.,” “Oy,” “Public Trustee,” “Sociedad Colectiva,” and “Konzern.”

Hull McGuire PC, a Pittsburgh-based law firm, and the Germany-based law firm of Busse & Miessen, of Bonn, serve as General Editors of the Directory.  Twenty-nine IBLC members contributed to the book.  Individuals or companies interested in a copy, free of charge, should contact Joanna Glass at  Copies of this edition free of charge are limited.

“Even seasoned international lawyers and business people -- who may often confine their activities to a handful of countries -- will be interested in this simple easy-to-use book,” said Julie McGuire, a Hull McGuire shareholder and founder.  “Dan Hull and Mary Hodges of our firm, and Busse & Miessen in Germany, spent 20 months compiling and finalizing the information in this first edition.”

The IBLC book will be revised regularly both to add new legal developments and basic corporate terminology in other jurisdictions.


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