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Hull McGuire Shareholder Speaks Before Madrid Business Group

Pittsburgh, 4/10/2003  -  Dan Hull, a shareholder in the Pittsburgh-based law firm of Hull McGuire PC, spoke in Madrid, Spain on April 3 before members of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce as part of a conference on “Doing Business in Europe, America and Asia.”  Hull, who is with Hull McGuire’s San Diego office, was one of ten lawyers who spoke at the conference and one of four who spoke in the American segment.

Sponsorship with International Business Law Consortium

The Madrid event was jointly sponsored by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC), an international law, study and research group, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.  Other lawyers who spoke at the conference are based in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico and the United States.

The IBLC is an arm of the Center for International Legal Studies, also headquartered in Salzburg, and founded in 1976.  The IBLC consists of 65 law and accounting firms strategically located in major cities around the world.  Hull McGuire is the IBLC’s Pittsburgh member.

Julie McGuire, a Hull McGuire shareholder and co-founder based in Pittsburgh, also attended and participated in the conference.

Other IBLC News

On April 4, in a separate meeting at the Emperatriz Hotel, Madrid, Hull was elected to the six-person Steering Committee of the Business Development Group of the IBLC.  The business group is London-based.  It promotes work by IBLC member firms for clients of other IBLC member firms abroad.  Current Steering Committee members are from Mexico, the U.S., Spain, Germany and Australia.

Corporate Directory

The IBLC membership recently published The International Directory of Corporate Symbols and Terms.  The book, which can be obtained from member firms, translates into English, defines and comments upon corporate symbols and selected business terminology used in twenty-eight countries.  Hull McGuire and the law firm of Busse & Miessen, of Bonn, Germany, serve as General Editors of the directory.


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