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Hull McGuire Represents Neo Gen Screening, Inc. In Sale Of Largest Newborn Metabolic Screening Lab

Pittsburgh/New York, 6/25/2003  -  Pittsburgh-based Hull McGuire PC, together with Neo Gen Screening, Inc.’s (“Neo Gen”) long-time general counsel, McKay & Associates, P.C., represented Neo Gen in the May 13 sale of that company to Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc. (“Pediatrix”).

Pediatrix (NYSE:PDX) is the nation’s largest provider of physician services for maternal-fetal and newborn intensive care.  It paid a total of $34 million to acquire Neo Gen, and expects the acquisition to immediately increase Pediatrix’s 2003 earnings per share.

Based in suburban Pittsburgh, Neo Gen is the nation’s largest independent laboratory specializing in newborn metabolic screening.  It was founded and owned by Dr. Edwin Naylor in 1994 to provide metabolic screening services for newborns throughout the country.  Neo Gen will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pediatrix.

Pediatrix is headquartered in New York.  With its affiliated professional corporations, Pediatrix employs more than 625 physicians in over 200 hospital-based neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in the United States and Puerto Rico.  Neo Gen, by utilizing mass spectrometry and other patented state-of-the-art practices, created a cost-effective newborn metabolic screen procedure that tests for the presence of over 50 genetic conditions that are potentially manageable if detected early.  The benefits of the metabolic screen are enormous.  Failure to detect some genetic conditions may result in mental retardation and even death.

In the transaction, Hull McGuire assisted McKay & Associates, a Pittsburgh intellectual property and litigation firm led by Kenneth P. McKay, which had served Neo Gen on a day-to-day basis as general counsel for several years.  Ralph Minto, a Hull McGuire lawyer, led the Neo Gen attorneys in the Neo Gen-Pediatrix transaction. 


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