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PITTSBURGH/WASHINGTON, D.C./SAN DIEGO - September 13, 2005 - From September 22-25, Tom Welshonce, a tax and transactions associate with the Pittsburgh-based law firm Hull McGuire PC, will participate in two meetings of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) in Dresden, Germany.

Mr. Welshonce will attend work sessions of the IBLC’s Business Group from September 22-23 and of the full IBLC from September 23-25. Topics of discussion will include choice-of-entity for clients who do business internationally, cultural diversity issues and privilege and professional secrecy concerns.

IBLC Business Group

The IBLC is an arm of the Center for International Legal Studies, founded in Salzburg, Austria in 1976. The IBLC has 85 law and accounting firms in major cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and North and South America. Its members meet several times each year. Hull McGuire has been active in the IBLC since 1998. 

The IBLC’s Business Group was established by Hull McGuire and other IBLC firms in 1999. It provides a platform for boutique corporate law firms (10 to 100 lawyers) to service each others’ clients in major cities around the world. 

"Each of the law firms in the Business Group is very much like Hull McGuire: high-end corporate boutiques who work internationally," said Hull McGuire shareholder Julie McGuire.

"Fortune 500 clients are using the IBLC’s Business Group rather than using traditional large law firms -- with much higher overheads -- for international legal services," according to McGuire. "Clients get high quality legal products with real service and lower price." 

Hull McGuire PC 

Hull McGuire PC ( practices in the areas of international law, international trade and transactions, tax (domestic and international), telecommunications, intellectual property, employment practices, litigation, natural resources and legislative affairs. Established in 1992, the firm also has offices in Washington, D.C. and San Diego, California.

Welshonce, a resident of McCandless, Pennsylvania, is a tax and transactions associate in the Pittsburgh office of Hull McGuire.


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