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San Francisco, CA, 9/25/2003  -  Two lawyers at Hull McGuire PC, a law firm based in Pittsburgh, recently participated in key annual meetings of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) and the International Bar Association (IBA), both held at Union Square in San Francisco.

On September 11-14, shareholders Julie McGuire and Dan Hull met with approximately 40 lawyers at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the IBLC Annual Partners’ Retreat. The goal of the retreat was to discuss better ways to serve IBLC member firms’ corporate clients globally. Attendees represented law firms from Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, and Wales. On September 13, other IBLC lawyers from firms in Austria, Argentina, Canada, Finland, and the United States conducted a seminar concerning the international transfers of wealth.

Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, the IBLC is an arm of the Center for International Legal Studies, also based in Salzburg. It consists of 80 law and accounting firms under 150 professionals in size with one IBLC member firm located in each major city across the globe. Hull McGuire is the IBLC’s western Pennsylvania member. Membership is by invitation.

2003 International Bar Association Meeting

Between September 14 and 21, Ms. McGuire and Mr. Hull participated in the week-long International Bar Association’s Annual Conference at the San Francisco Marriott. Over 3,000 attorneys from 109 countries gathered to take part in more than 100 3-hour or 6-hour working sessions ranging from “Antitrust Issues in Sports” and “Current International Tax Law Developments,” to “International Humanitarian Law” and “Building, Maintaining and Financing Public Art Collections Post-9/11.” The San Francisco meeting marked the first time in 10 years that the IBA held its annual conference in the United States.

Based in London, the IBA is comprised of 16,000 lawyers and 180 Bar Associations and Law Societies from all continents. The 2004 annual meeting will be held in Auckland, New Zealand.

Other Firm News

In May 2004, Dan Hull will give a talk and Power Point™ presentation in Rome, Italy before the Congress of Fellows for the Center for International Legal Studies on selection of arbitration panels in international litigation submitted to alternative dispute resolution. In April 2004, Julie McGuire will give a related talk in Buenos Aires to Argentinian businessmen and lawyers.


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